Aftershock Games

Located within Los Angeles’ tech hub of Silicon Beach, Aftershock Gaming studio wanted to create a bold space for their new offices. As video gaming has changed dramatically since their invention in the early 1970s to not only encompass impressive digital graphics, online communities, and immersive environments, but also the ability for mobile play – with anyone, at anytime, anywhere in the world. Mobile technology has become integral to other forms of entertainment and the engagement of a massive multiplayer game structure allowing the narrative and gaming concept to transform into an augmented reality. These creative giants showcase their developments and set the bar high in the gaming development community. Their interactions with like-minded individuals in the community is both inspirational and representative of an edgy tech firm. The new office emphasizes forced collisions and social interaction with architectural nodes of collective engagement across a large floor plate, creating inspirational environments that game creators cherish. Equipped with more collaboration space than in their previous office, a balance of raw and refined materials was used to encourage the creative development process. A connective installation of black polyester rope was used throughout the space as a reference to the ‘magnitude’ and dynamic quality of an aftershock. Finishes and color are used to transition between primary socializing spaces and adjacent work areas, establishing unique spatial identities representative of their collaborative culture.

Aftershock was consolidated from multiple locations across Los Angeles into one headquarters. The new energy and forward-thinking of this consolidation allowed management to re-think the company rapport and productivity. Management decided unanimously to give up their offices and become flexible in an open, workstation-based environment, creating a powerful compromise to balance the merging teams. Embracing the open office concept encouraged the development of more meeting and quiet rooms throughout the space, some open for brainstorming and some closed for private content creation. With an abundance of writeable surfaces, the studio can flexibly collaborate and create infectious ideas. Inviting three-dimensional oak wood and lush moss walls run alongside the all-white angular reception desk with floating transaction counter. Along with height-adjustable workstations and the creation of smaller, flexible touchdown spaces, team structures could be accommodated within local neighborhoods and combined with more connected nodes, larger group assemblies. The All-Hands ‘Great Room’ is animated by a bold black diagonally striped pattern on the floor highlighted by pops of bright lounge furniture. This relaxed gathering area is filled with gaming areas, bike storage, and multiple soft seating options that are all easily moveable to be reconfigured. Exposed ceilings and concrete floors are juxtaposed by solid and void floating panel ceilings with structural ‘fractures’ to emphasize the depth of the space for a very non-corporate vision. Much like the collective efforts of multi-player games, the physical space for the client was a joint accomplishment that capitalized on a collaboratively combative atmosphere where the strongest ideas emerge.

Project Name:

Aftershock Games

Project Location:

Playa Vista, CA, USA

Firm Name:

OKB Architecture

Firm Location:

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Large Office

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