Entry # 169

Entry # 169

Question 1:

Designing the client’s new Perth office, on the 47th floor of Central Park, was one of several collaborations between the firm and client nationally. So, it was important the Perth office had its own flavour. Much to our delight, the client was keen to challenge the approach to the design of the front office giving us a unique design opportunity. By shifting the line of security deeper into the tenancy, we were able to create a work-lounge / entertaining zone directly adjacent to the front office meeting suites. This beautifully finished space gives clients and staff an opportunity to interact in more casual surrounds, and doubles as a brilliant in-house hospitality venue. The work lounge is softly screened from the reception waiting lounge, but no doors or security means the front of house reception area is activated and energized, solving an oft-encountered issue of a dead zone in reception. The firm chose Shaw Rethink woven vinyl to run from the reception / entry and waiting area right through to the work lounge & kitchen area. Rethink was perfect for this application as its extremely hard wearing, has a welcoming softness under foot, is visually delightful and created just the right mood somewhere between corporate, sophisticated and relaxed. The firm used Rethink Metal one the floor in reception and this swept all the way into the work lounge and kitchen. Having the one floor finish sweep from reception to hub is instrumental in leading / guiding visitors and guests from the more formal reception space to the work-lounge / kitchen. Not breaking or changing floor finish gives us the permission and invites us to move from one space to the other. The general palette for the client’s Perth office was drawn from the earthy colours of the West Australian coast and Kimberly area. Filled with natural light and engaging textures and colours, it’s a delightful and relaxing environment that the client is very pleased with and the firm are extremely proud of.


Perth, Australia

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March 28, 2019